Material sampling made easy.

We are a software-as-a-service company specializing in virtualizing the physical sampling experience for manufacturers, interior designers, and architects.


Design Mix

Sample Tech’s Design Mix application allows designers to mix, match, and share visual design boards. Color-accurate material samples presented in a common scale enable users to design with confidence.

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ePholstery® Visualization

ePholstery® allows product specifiers to select fabric and finish combinations and immediately see a photo-real rendering of their selections on your product. ePholstery Studio™ visualizations engage customers, reduce specification errors, and shorten the sale cycle.

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Finish Material Cataloging

Our customizable material catalog platform will support your complete finish product information. Cleanly integrated with your existing Web site and maintained by our staff, your Fabric and Finish Studio™ catalog will always be complete and up-to-date.

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Material Imaging

The clear, vibrant and accurate representation of fabrics and finishes is a hallmark of the Sample Tech service. Our proprietary imaging process ensures your fabric and finish material images are accurate in color, scale, and specification. Our customers rely on us for their material imagery for Web and 3D applications.


Content Distribution

Our patented catalog platform allows your fabric and finish catalog to be rebranded and presented at the Web sites of your downstream vendors and dealers. Maintained centrally by our staff, your fabric and finish offering will be complete and up-to-date throughout your sales and distribution network.


Sample Order Management

Manufacturers have multiple finish material suppliers. Our catalog service enables you to present your full finish line with options from all of your suppliers. Your customers collect items for sampling and submit a single sample order. Our service directs the respective portions of each sample order to the correct supplier for fulfillment – simplifying your customers’ experience and leveraging your suppliers for fulfillment.


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